Jiashan Museum & Library, China

Jiashan Museum & Library is an eco-friendly and green development demonstration area in the Yangtze River Delta, in China. With a limited plot area, the project lacks space to accommodate a large-capacity outdoor public activity venue. The architects took the open void in the middle as the core, and combined three architectural volumes around it to enclose a square for the crowd. The square provides resting space for citizens,…

Cyber-Urban City in the Metaverse, by ZHA

ZHA has unveiled a virtual "libertarian micro-nation" in the Metaverse titled The Liberland Metaverse, where people can buy plots of land with cryptocurrency and enter digital buildings as an avatar. People can also buy plots of land and set up businesses in the virtual city and if they do so, they will also have a stake in the physical Liberland.   …

Nanchang Poly Grand Theatre, China

PES-Architects has won an invited international competition to design the Poly Grand Theatre in Nanchang, China. The wavy complex will comprise a 35,000-square-metre theatre and art center in a single volume. The building will also have a 10,000-square-metre underground space that will be used for technical and service facilities as well as parking. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2024.  

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