Shibuya Sky, Japan

Rising to a height of about 230 m, Shibuya Scramble Square is the tallest building in the Shibuya; one of the most popular tourist towns in Tokyo. There are offices, commercial facilities, over 200 cutting-edge shops and popular restaurants in Shibuya Scramble Square, which rises 47 stories above the ground and 7 underground stories. The highest building in Tokyo also features the open-air observation deck Shibuya Sky on its…

Allegiant Stadium; One of the Most Expensive in History

Allegiant Stadium, located in Las Vegas, is designed by Manica Architecture. The sleek and modern stadium features a horseshoe-shaped seating arrangement that is open on one end to offer spectacular views toward the neighboring Las Vegas Strip. The domed and air-conditioned stadium includes 65,000 spectator seats but can extend to 72,000 for Super Bowl Events.    

Premier Tower, Australia

Elenberg Fraser has designed a 226-meter-tall tower for Melbourne called Premier Tower. The tower which has been inspired by Beyoncé’s music video “Ghost”, is a 68 story vertical cantilever that will hold 660 apartments, a 160 room hotel and a retail space. Initially the tower was 300-meter high. With concerns over it overshadowing the Batman Park, it was reduced to 226 meter.   

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