Shenzhen Energy Mansion, China

Shenzhen Energy Mansion is designed as a subtle mutation of the classic skyscraper by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The building skin is developed to maximize the sustainable performance and workplace comfort in the local subtropical climate of China’s tech and innovation hub in Shenzhen.
This complex is composed by two skyscrapers, with the heights of 220 meters (northern tower) and 120 meters (southern tower). Located in one of the main streets of this city’s cultural, political and business center, the towers are connected by a podium.








The podium is a 34-metre-tall horizontal parallelepiped housing the public areas, such as the main lobby, a conference centre, a cafeteria, and an exhibition hall. The offices of the Shenzhen Energy Company, are located in the upper floors of the skyscrapers, which offer amazing views of the city.
The pleated façade and the slight twists, characterising some parts of the two towers making their volume dynamic.
This sustainable facade system reduces the overall energy consumption of the building without any moving parts or complicated technology with more than 60%.







Other sustainability strategies include variable speed drive systems for the air-conditioning pumps and fans, high efficiency lighting and grey water recycling systems. The energy cost will be significantly reduced by the innovative dual chilled water plus energy storage system, helping the building to tackle the hot and humid climate in Shenzhen. 
The building has received LEED® Gold certification, acting as a design model for future office buildings.
The construction of the project was completed in 2018.








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