United Nations Geospatial Information Management Forum, China

UAD has designed the “United Nations Geospatial Information Management Forum” located in china. The design concept by UAD uses the imagery of a phoenix breaking through the clouds. The overall architecture aims to appear as a white glimmering cloud, lying on the lake and integrating with the surrounding environment. The three-dimensional and hollowed-out metal roof looks like a “flying phoenix” that spreads the wings and soars highly, presenting a poetic picture. Overall, it is an urban public space that welcomes guests from all over the world.









Built on Phoenix Lake, the building’s above-ground area is 42,556 square meters, with the main structure of three floors and a height of 23.95 meters, and the underground construction area is 29,507 square meters.




As a road passes through the land, the architect divided the building into two parts. In the east and west hemispheres, the main entrances of the conference center and grand theatre are set up separately, facing the lake and complementing the surroundings. The east hemisphere consists of the main venue for 2000 people, a multi-functional hall for 500 people, a small lecture hall for 300 people and several conference rooms, while the west hemisphere includes a grand theater for 1000 people, a cinema and so on. All the internal halls can be connected to each other through corridors and shared lobbies.






Completed in 2018, United Nations Geospatial Information Management Forum has won the WA Award.








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