Sheraton Huzhou Hotel Spring Resort, China

Sheraton Huzhou Hotel, is situated in west of Shanghai and north of Hangzhou, overlooking the lake Tai. The circular building corresponds with its reflection in the water, creating a surreal picture and connection between real and phantom. Beneath the sunlight and the reflection of the lake, the curved shape of the building is crystal clear. The clear ring-shape posed a great challenge to the structural design and eventually, a “reinforced concrete core-tube” featuring high capacity, light weight and excellent earthquake resistance, was implemented while simultaneously reducing environmental pollution during construction. The hotel façade is covered with layers of fine-textured white aluminum rings and glass. The annular shape of the hotel allows for all rooms to accommodate good views while increasing the natural light in all directions. The Moon Hotel puts emphasis on the harmony of man and nature and enhances visitors' sensual and spiritual experiences, undoubtedly becoming Huzhou's new symbol of humanity and nature.




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