Western Sydney International Airport, Australia

Zaha Hadid Architects and Sydney-based Cox Architecture have won the international design competition for the Western Sydney International Airport, a new travel hub that is slated to become the largest international gateway to Australia by 2060. 



This includes an overhanging flat roof that evokes verandas found in traditional Australian architecture, as well as landscaping and undulating wooden ceilings inside that nod to the surrounding Australian bushland. The design is an evolution of Australian architecture past, present and future. It draws inspiration from both traditional architectural features such as the veranda, as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding bushland.

The project is energy-efficient with maximized daylight, natural ventilation, and water recycling. Moreover, sustainable design principles are incorporated in both the architecture and construction principles.






The project will be constructed in four phases. The initial phase will accommodate 10 million annual passengers and it will be completed in its entirety by 2060. The project is expected to accommodate 82 million annual passengers.









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