Helsinki Central Library, Oodi

Helsinki Central Library, Oodi, is a 17,250-square-meter public library that sits in the center of the city, directly opposite the Finnish Parliament. opened in 2018, this three-floor, energy-efficient library was designed by Finnish architecture firm, ALA Architects, to be a symbol of national pride in a country that boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the world.  






With a stunning, modernist look, Oodi has been built using local materials and with local climate conditions in mind. The timber façade is clad with 33-millimeter-thick Finnish spruce planks that conform to the sweeping curve, which extends the building outwards to create a canopy above the ahead square, blending the interior and exterior spaces and creating shelter for public events in front of the library.







The architects divided the building into clearly defined levels, with the ground floor acting as a public space that is an extension of the exterior. The upper floor is known as "book heaven" and includes a peaceful open-space reading room. From this level visitors can enjoy an unobstructed 360-degree panorama view of the city center, or step out onto the terrace overlooking the Kansalaistori square.







In between the upper and lower floors, spaces for additional services are accommodated across what the architects refer to as an “inhabited bridge” formed from steel that spans over 100 meters. This makes for a stunning effect, as the design does not require columns and thus provides striking views across the length of the space.









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