K11 MUSEA; The Silicon Valley of Culture

K11 MUSEA is the world’s first cultural-retail destination, and is situated at the heart of art and design district Victoria Dockside, Hong Kong. This 100,000 m2 project is envisioned to remodel a blend of aesthetics between heritage and avant-garde. Opened in August 2019, K11 MUSEA is a conceived as a Silicon Valley of Culture, where cross-discipline practices in architecture, art, craft, culture, design, gastronomy and sustainability worked in tandem. 








Key features include the imposing Opera Theatre (K11 MUSEA’s atrium) where natural light shines through its 35m high Oculus, down to the Gold Ball, the beating heart of this muse by the sea. The gigantic steel and glass Gold Ball of 10.4m in diameter is comprised of spherical chambers and is installed on the 2/F as a multi-dimensional space created to house exhibitions and events of all kinds that would appear to float and hang in space. The atrium features a fluid contour made up of 1,115 m2 of hand-painted aluminum panels. Also in the precinct are over 1,800 lights designed that resemble an inspiring galaxy of lights.








Community spaces also include the Sunken Plaza’s amphitheater which has a curved glass wall with programmed lighting and water installations. Kids will be drawn to play spaces such as the Peacock Playground, which features custom-designed play equipment by award-winning Danish playground designers Monstrum. The project offers a serious attempt to break away from conventions and reconsider the traditional physical shopping environment. That in itself makes it astonishingly fresh and progressive.













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