Shanghai Grand Opera House, China

Following an international design competition, Snøhetta has been commissioned to design the Shanghai Grand Opera House in Shanghai, China. The 134.000 m2 Shanghai Grand Opera House will be a world-class venue, placing the visitor at the center of the stage. Through its aesthetics, functionality, as well as its cultural and ecological ambition, the Opera House will be an accessible canvas for global visitors, local citizens, and artists to fill with life and culture.



Designed to bring artists and the public under a shared roof, the sweeping form of the new Opera House embodies the concept of movement. The helical roof surface evokes an unfolding fan, capturing the dynamism of dance and the human body. The radial layout of the surrounding landscapes harmonizes with the overall geometry of the Opera building, ensuring key view paths from both the Opera to the city, and from the city to the Opera.






At the heart of the Opera is the 2,000-seat main auditorium. The 1,200-seat second stage will offer a more intimate setting for smaller productions. The 1,000-seat third stage offers a flexible stage and seating arrangement, providing space for more experimental and unique performances, aiming to attract a new generation of opera goers. The Opera roof is an accessible stage and meeting place, suitable to both large-scale events and everyday visitors.




A series of restaurants, galleries, exhibitions, museums, education centers, libraries and small cinemas will all contribute to the opera becoming a popular destination. Shanghai Grand Opera House is expected to be completed in 2024.





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