Chaoyang Park Plaza, China

Chaoyang Park Plaza is a mixed-use development constructed in the central business district of Beijing, China. The 120m-high plaza (including 10 buildings) comprises 120,000m² of commercial, office and residential space. “Chaoyang Park Plaza” is an expansion of nature. It is a classical approach to Chinese garden architecture, where nature and architecture blend into one another. “We want to blur the boundary between nature and the artificial, and make it so that both are designed with the other in mind.” said architect Ma Yansong. The project has been conceived as extension of the park within the city. 






Connected by a glazed atrium, the site’s asymmetrical twin tower office buildings sit at the base of the park’s lake and appear as two emerging mountain peaks. The small-scale, low-rise commercial buildings appear as eroded mountain rocks whose seemingly random positioning forms a secluded urban garden. finally, the two multi-story Armani apartments to the southwest feature staggered balconies that encourage outdoor living and ultimately feel a particular closeness to nature. 








The overall environment is shaped by smooth, curved surfaces of black and white, creating a quiet and mysterious atmosphere. The landscape that weaves itself in between the buildings incorporates pine trees, bamboo, rocks and ponds; all traditional Eastern landscape elements that imply a deeper connection between the architecture and classical space.





Chaoyang Park Plaza project has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certificate from US Green Building Council. The development made optimal use of natural lighting and includes an intelligent building and air purification system, which reduces energy consumption. The ridges of the towers feature an energy-efficient ventilation and filtration system that draws a natural breeze indoors.









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