World's Tallest Hybrid Timber Tower, Australia

Architecture studios SHoP Architects and BVN have unveiled designs for the Sydney headquarters of technology company Atlassian. Once completed in 2025, the tower will provide a new and innovative space for technology giant Atlassian and accommodate up to 4000 Atlassian staff, and a YHA hostel on its lower levels.

The building will target a 50 percent reduction in embodied carbon and energy compared to conventional construction. Atlassian has also committed to operating on 100 percent renewable energy with zero emissions, by using energy efficient design, such as natural ventilation and planted terraces throughout the building, as well as generating green power on site through solar panels integrated into the building’s facades, which will be a glass and steel exoskeleton tied to the structure.







To achieve the reduction in embodied carbon, the building will be constructed with a combination of mass timber, concrete and steel. A lower height building can be built totally in timber, but at 40 stories the structural system need to get hybridize. In addition, the façade incorporates an electricity-generating system with self-shade capabilities to reduce direct heat gain internally. Combined with the use of mass timber, the innovative facade enables the project to leverage Sydney's temperate climate to help reduce carbon emissions and generate onsite energy. At 180 meters, Atlassian Sydney Headquarter will be the tallest hybrid timber structure in the world.




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