Lakhta Center Tower; Europe's Tallest Skyscraper

The Lakhta Center, located in St Petersburg City, is a 400,000-square-meter complex which includes Europe's tallest skyscraper. The centerpiece of the development, the 462-meter-tall Lakhta Center Tower, is not only the tallest building in Europe, but also the first supertall skyscraper in St Petersburg and the world's second-tallest twisting skyscraper after the Shanghai Tower. The project, in which there is not a single repeating (typical) floor, is technically considered one of the most complex and unique in comparison with other skyscrapers on the planet. 






Architectural and technical solutions of 87-story Lakhta Center, on which the team of architects, designers and engineers of GORPROJECT has been working since 2011, are in many aspects innovative not only for Russia, but for the whole world. The intelligent two-line facade of the Lakhta Center is one of the main elements of the tower’s architectural solution. The facade of the Lakhta Center skyscraper consists of 16,505 curved parallelogram modules – each with an area of about 11 sq. m and weighing almost 740 kg. Also, an innovative cold-formed glazing system was used to glaze the outer thread of the facade. This made the curved facade surface of the tower visually solid and continuous. 










Around two-thirds of the office space in the Center will be occupied by the headquarters of Gazprom PJSC. In addition to office space, the Lakhta Center Tower features a 360-meter-high observation deck and a restaurant with panoramic views, while the remainder of the complex includes a scientific and educational center, a planetarium, a concert hall, an amphitheater, and a number of public squares. As such, the Lakhta Center will become a rare example of a multinational company headquarters integrated with a wide range of public functions. In the core of the skyscraper there are 40 elevators which will take visitors to the selected floor in a maximum of 100 seconds.






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