AI CITY by BIG Architects, China

BIG has unveiled its design for AI CITY which will house the headquarters of the world-leading smart service provider, Terminus Group. Located in southwest China, the project is set within the Chongqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone with the 135000 SQM Cloud Valley anchoring the Science and Technology Headquarters in the first phase of the masterplan. Cloud Valley takes its inspiration from the region’s undulating landscape where valleys and mountain form stunning connections between the earth and the sky. Imagined as the new center of innovation for China, the project will be dedicated to "artificial intelligence, robotics, networking, and big data”.






AI CITY will build the foundations of a new sustainable development, where barriers between nature, buildings, and AI will be removed. Generous green courtyards with natural light and ventilation will host specific public activities, while Sports events, art exhibitions, and product fairs will take place in the technological park spread between the buildings. On another hand, newly created spaces including AI exhibition spaces, markets, and cafés will invite the public to join under the roof. “Throughout AI CITY, e-bikes, robotic vehicles, and self-driving cars will define a new, smart mobility system”.







BIG says that the roofscape is one of the project’s most important components. In one instance, the canopy descends to the central courtyard, providing access to the lush garden. Elsewhere, the roof lifts in two corners to create entryways from the inside. The roofscape also allows for an abundance of nature to co-exist with the office programs, encouraging a closer relationship among humans, nature, climate, and technology. At night, the green roof turns into the largest digital display in china.








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