Plus; World's Most Eco-Friendly Furniture Factory

Danish architecture studio BIG has designed a factory for Vestre; award winner Norwegian furniture manufacturer. Named The Plus, the factory development is set to be built within a forest in the east of Norway. With a completion date of late 2021/early 2022, Vestre claims that The Plus will be the "world's most eco-friendly furniture factory".

The 6,501-square-metre factory takes its name from its cross shape. It will consist of four green-roof-covered wings, containing the furniture manufacturer's warehouse, color factory, wood factory and the assembly area, extending from a central atrium. And, not only functioning as a factory, the site will also house a visitor’s center and 300-acre park making the location a popular destination for many.






Two of these wings will be publicly accessible with walking tracks running up them, giving visitors access to the roof and a view of the central atrium from above. Large glass windows will allow visitors to look inside the buildings and enjoy the whole process of manufacturing while providing the workers the thrill of working in the middle of the forest.





The building is constructed from local timber and low-carbon concrete with recycled reinforcement steel. Using surplus heat to warm the building itself, coupled with geothermal wells and ice-water plants for cooling, the factory will reduce the supplied energy consumption by at least 90% compared with similar conventional factories. And, not stopping at the factory itself, each product is designed with longevity in mind. The manufacturer will begin to take back products at the end of their life to ensure they can be recycled and restored correctly for reuse.







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