Quay Quarter Tower, Australia

3XN along with local partner BVN and Arup designed the 200-meter-high and 49-storey tall Quay Quarter Tower located close to the Sydney Opera House. The design incorporates 2/3 of the structure of an existing building located on the site. In an act of radical sustainability, it will incorporate the majority of the existing structure, adding four new elevator shafts to the core. Given the solar envelope and other contextual restraints, the design adds approximately 45,000m2 of new construction primarily on the north side of the building. The tower is currently under construction and will be completed in 2022.







The building is divided into a high-rise and a podium. The podium holds public and semi-public functions such as green gardens, restaurants and retail. Spatially and programmatically, the podium is arranged quite simply around a large voluminous atrium. The visual transparency of the open atrium spaces allows for easy visual access to the surrounding areas, departments and colleagues, thus, positively affecting the levels of knowledge sharing and social interactions within each part of the building. The common amenity spaces provide stunning views both vertically and horizontally and bring daylight deep into workspaces while promoting collaboration and interaction.






Instead of one large volume or 49 separate floors, the design envisions five volumes stacked upon each other, each connected by a large atrium. As the building rises, the northern façade shifts to the east. The result is a rotating building with a minimal perceived mass, and a greater value for the lower floors through maximizing the potential of the views. Rotating the tower creates a collection of exterior terraces that are directly linked to the multi-level interior atria, which will contain shared amenity spaces for tenants in each block. As an additional benefits the rotated volumes help self-shade the northern façade from the harsh afternoon sun.











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