Haikou Towers, China

 HENN wins the first prize in the international competition to design the Haikou Towers. The Haikou Towers are projected to become the heart of the new Central Business District of Haikou in a tropical island in China. The masterplan comprises an ensemble of 10 towers ranging from 150 to 450 meters height with an overall building area of 1.5 million square meters. The proposal’s centerpiece is the 450metre high middle tower. Construction is expected to be completed in 2022.






The occupant’s needs for large and flexible office spaces on the lower floors and an unobstructed view from the hotel rooms on the upper levels have led to a shift of the cross-bracing system at the boundary between the two functions. The lower two thirds of the towers are reserved for office use with a total floor area of 185.000 square meters. The hotel lobbies are located on the 72nd floor with three floors of hotel service programs underneath. From the 77th to the 100th floors the hotel offers more than 46.000 square meters of floor space for guests. The sky lobby and the observatory floor are located on top of the tower.






The facade system reacts to differing sunlight conditions depending on the building’s orientation. The proposed facade achieves this with a panel unit system which is divided into two parts – an upper opaque part that blocks sunlight and a lower transparent part. The opaque spandrel panels provide both external shading to reduce cooling loads and energy production by a photovoltaic coating on the south facade. The transparent glass facade in the lower part maximizes the use of daylight.










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