The Eco-Floating Hotel, Qatar

The Eco-Floating Hotel is a project whose first leg is planned to take place in Qatar but it also has the potential to be located in different areas thanks to its characteristic mobile feature. Designed, by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS), this eco-floating hotel generates its energy from rotating in the ocean. The rotation action moves slowly so as to not make guests dizzy and takes 24 hours to complete a full turn. Both the architectural form and operation of the eco-floating hotel are inspired by the sea and in particular, a vortex. 







The rotating system utilizes dynamic positioning (DP), which is a computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a ship’s position. With their goal of designing a project with ‘ecological balance’, the design team at HAADS integrates a system of green energy production called VAWTAU, vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella. On the vertical plane, this works as a wind turbine, while on the horizontal plane it serves as a sun umbrella.






In addition to generating green energy, the hotel also incorporates rainwater harvesting. The vortex-inspired roof collects rainwater that can be treated and used as greywater or to water the green areas of the hotel. Clean water will be obtained by purifying seawater.




Guests can access the hotel by car, by boat, or by helicopter and drone to a helipad located on the floating pier. The hotel has a massive 700 m2 lobby and each of the 152 rooms has its own balcony, offering guests different perspectives as the building revolves. The program also includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, spa, gym, and mini-golf course.




Created as a 5-Star Hotel, The Eco-Floating Hotel has a construction area of 35000 m². The concept works of the project have been completed, but feasibility and technical studies are continuing. Although there is no exact date for the completion of these works, the completion date of the structure is aimed at 2025.





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