The Rimac Campus

The new campus for the Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac brings together a wide array of programs and spaces, from production plant and offices to kindergarten, dormitory, and even a sheep meadow. The campus Designed by 3LHD Architects and Located in the outskirts of Zagreb, within a natural landscape. The Rimac Campus is organized around two main volumes that follow the site’s natural topography, with several accompanying facilities tucked underneath a green roof that stretches out, meeting the surrounding landscape. The company plans to employ over 2,500 people at the Rimac Campus, which will cover an area of around 200,000 square meters. With production and R&D facilities across 95,000 m2, 35% of the land will be covered in vegetation.



The carbon-neutral campus will also feature staff relaxation lounges, a restaurant, a gym, a games room, and even accommodation “pods”, designed to blend into the local woodland and for visitors to use overnight. There will also be an “urban swamp” and meadows, plus a rooftop garden. On the other hand, the office building is organized around two atriums, one dedicated to lectures, projections, and social events and the other featuring a green area and intended for independent work and relaxation. Furthermore, the building features a green roof, which would allow employees to work outdoors as well. Croatian electric hypercar maker Rimac is announcing plans for a €200m ($238m) headquarters spanning 185807 square meters and it will open in 2023.




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