King Toronto Development, Canada

Bjarke Ingels Group has revealed new images for their King Street West condo community in Toronto. BIG proposed a mixed-use development with a public plaza that will create a new center for the community.  The development was formed as sets of pixels extruded upwards to create space for housing, retail and boutique offices. Each pixel set at the size of a room; rotated 45 degrees from the street grid to increase exposure to light and air.









The concept was made to avoid the footprints of heritage buildings that already exist on site. The three historic structures will be left intact but incorporated into the wider volume of BIG's development. Areas for retail and offices around the base will correspond with the height of these old buildings, while the residential units will sit on top.










The design comprises stacks of cubes, arranged in an undulated form that creates a series of "peaks and valleys". Its wave-like roof will be formed from five "peaks" of various heights, with portions measuring anywhere from six to 16 storeys. Each peak overlooks a different part of the city and rises above the diverse public space at the ground level. Atop each of the mountains, there is a two-story penthouse. 










Its hollow-core will serve as a public plaza, where a series of ferns will be planted to create an "urban forest". Public pedestrian pathways will crisscross through the courtyard to connect different areas of the complex. The 57,000-square-metre King Toronto project is currently under construction. 








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