OCT OH BAY Park, China

Laguarda.Low Architects' concept for the 128-acre park is a representation of growth, joining commerce with world-class cultural facilities. The program features four primary zones — East and West Waterfront Retail Park; Urban Business Center; and Waterfront Cultural Park. With 1.5 million square feet of mixed-use expansion, OCT OH BAY seamlessly links nature and urban life along a spectacular waterfront in the district of Bao’an, in the city of Shenzhen. OCT OH BAY was opened in February 2021. 







The West Waterfront Retail Park includes entertainment venues, leisure facilities, and a performing arts center all emanating from an expansive open-air plaza. On the East bank, a four-story experiential retail park is linked by gently sloping ramps, escalators, and bridges layered beneath an expansive green roof ribbon.








The Urban Business Center consists of four office towers with ocean views, three ecological corporate headquarters, one commercial building, and one hotel. The sky garden and the unique vertical green wall create a healthy and ecological office experience and meet the LEED-ND gold pre-certification standard.




Gently undulated green roofs tie all volumes of the development together. The roof garden terrain has a diverse landscape that includes a flower garden, a cascading sculpture garden, an outdoor performance terrace, and an undulating running trail. Located in the center of the lower-level retail is a 50-meter-wide sunken plaza. This celebration space will accommodate diverse events, exhibitions, and impromptu social gatherings.









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