Ark of Light City Exhibition Hall, China

Ark of Light city exhibition hall, which covers an area of 950㎡ (floor area, with the site area of 20000㎡), is located at the commercial core of Lijia new area and the riverbank of Jialing River and the new center of Chongqing, in China. Ark of Light is firstly used as the sales center of LongFor Waterfront City, and later it will become a city hall opened to public, in which commercial practice and art exhibitions will be carried out. Ark of Light is designed by Shanghai Tianhua Architecture Planning & Engineering.








Ark and Stone are epitomes, both physically and spiritly, of the landscape city Chongqing. Therefore, taking the inspiration of “Ark of Light, Stone of Memory”, the architects converts natural and culture features of the city with integrated design including architecture, space and landscape, and at the same time deliver the new image of Chongqing city with futuristic avant-garde form.









To get a completely indoor space without pillars and a free architecture figure, the construction engineer used a truss structure reaching the length of 34 meters, thus the roof could be stretched out as far as 15 meters. Under the gallery frame, they elaborately picked stainless steel plate with mirror coating as the gallery’s surface, and the result turns out to be like a galaxy with mini holes on plates and light boxes in the dropped ceiling. 






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