Cuntan International Cruise Center by MAD Architects

A string of orange buildings elevated above ground will mark the Cuntan International Cruise Centre. Designed by MAD Studio for Cuntan Port on the Yangtze River, the scheme was the winning entry of an international competition. The project site, currently a cargo terminal covering 65,000 square meters, is located in Chongqing. Under MAD’s plans, the site will become a 65,000-square-metre international cruise terminal and city complex, hosting a 15,000-square-metre cruise port and 50,000 square meters for commercial space. It will begin construction in November 2022, for completion in 2027.






MAD’s scheme will be distinguished by six buildings spanning 430-metres. The buildings will be raised on tall leaning columns and clad with orange-hued aluminum, which are inspired by the orange gantry cranes. Dubbed Yangtze River Skywalk, these structures will be linked by skybridges and contain 50,000 square meters of commercial space such as shops and restaurants. By elevating the buildings, they are also granted unobstructed views of the Yangtze River.





Positioned underneath the elevated commercial buildings will be the Cruise Ship Landscape Park and Cruise Ship Hall. Located underneath the Cruise Landscape Park is the Cruise Centre Hub, providing access to the ‘floating’ complex and the ground-level landscape park. The Cruise Ship Landscape Park will link two existing parks adjacent to the site, creating 100,000 square meters of urban green space.







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