Yangzhou Grand Canal Theatre, China

Yangzhou is a historic city famous for its gardens, canal, culture, and art. The Grand Canal Theatre was built as the most important cultural complex in the city. With a total construction area of 144,700 square meters, it features a 1600-seat opera hall, an 800-seat drama hall, a Multi-function hall, and a Chinese opera hall. TJAD won the international design competition for the design of this project. The theater has officially opened in July 2021.






The simple and powerful volume covered by stone responds to the past of the ancient city, at night it turns into a dynamic screen showing the modern and vibrant face of Yangzhou. The glass curtain walls and terraces around the inner courtyard blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor. The east and west buildings are connected on the 5th floor by a 50m long sky corridor. It serves as a public and multifunctional lobby with a panoramic view of Moon Lake and the city.







As a place for public events, communication, and exhibition, the interior space creates a continuous and fluid image through curved walls and ceilings. All four theaters feature professional equipment to achieve world-class acoustics and are flexible enough to perform in many ways. The theaters are all different in materials, colors, and atmospheres to form a cultural connection with the four seasons of Yangzhou.









The Opera Hall is a classic horseshoe theatre built for opera and ballet. It houses approx 1600 visitors in three layers. The Drama Hall has a horseshoe-shaped plane and a framed stage for children’s drama, acrobatics, magic shows, etc. It houses approx 800 visitors in two layers. The Multi-Function Hall is designed in black box mode, equipped with movable seats, an active stage, and lighting equipment to make it flexible for shows, rehearsals, and movies. 








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