Hermitage Plaza

Hermitage Plaza is an innovative mixed-use project located beside the Seine River, just outside Paris and is designed by Norman Foster. The mixed-use Plaza development will provide offices, luxury panoramic apartments, a 5 star hotel and a spa within the two new buildings as well as a public plaza with shops and restaurants that will slope up across a road to meet the river's edge.

Hermitage Plaza with 320 meters height and 86 floors, after completion in 2019, will become the tallest mixed-use towers in Western Europe. The buildings face one another at ground level and as they rise from an interlocking diamond-shaped plan, the towers turn outward to face views across Paris. The glazed façade panels catch the light, while the sun animates different facets of the buildings as it changes direction throughout the day. In addition to the towers, Hermitage Plaza also includes a crystal-shaped podium  which contains office spaces, with two detached buildings housing a gallery and auditorium that further extend the public space.







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