Dong'an Lake Sports Park, China

The Dong'an Lake Sports Park is the centerpiece of Dong'an New Town, a brand-new district situated on the water. The project is an ensemble consisting of three new sports and leisure buildings in China. In total, the complex consists of a sports hall with 18,000 seats, a multifunctional hall for culture, leisure, and popular sports, as well as an indoor pool complex with two 50-meter swimming pools.






The three buildings each feature a square footprint and are linked via a shared plinth which, towards the open courtyard area, accommodates indoor training facilities for basketball, table tennis, and badminton, as well as restaurants, shops, and parking. 







Although each building is characterized by its own architecture, together they form a harmonious ensemble. The ensemble can be seen from afar owing to the louver-style facades with shiny silver aluminum elements. Each building has its own color code that facilitates visitors’ orientation on the site and inside the halls. The entrance zones of each building are marked by narrow recesses.








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