BMW Welt, Munich, Germany

BMW Welt (in English means BMW World), is a multi-functional exhibition facility of the BMW AG, designed by Coop Himmelblau and  located in Munich, Germany. In direct proximity to the BMW Headquarters and the Olympia Park, it is designed to present the current products of BMW.

"The building does not have the boredom of a hall, it is not only a temple, but also a market place and a communication center and meeting place for knowledge transfer", said architect Prix, Principal in Charge.

Designed with an 800 kW solar plant on its roof the building can operate with the lowest possible energy consumption and the natural resources. The BMW Welt with a site-area of 25,000 sqm and a construction area of 73,000 sqm was constructed from August 2003 through summer 2007 at a cost of US$200 million.

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