Shams Villa

Shams Villa is designed by Karand Group’s architects Ali Shariati and Dokhi Sarabandi with Hadi Shapourian’s cooperation. It’s located in Saveh, Iran and constructed in 2013. 

This unique house with infrastructure area of 450 sqm (290 sqm closed area & 160 sqm terrace) is placed in a land with 6015 sqm area. The client is a journalist who requested a recreational house close to the family farm.

The villa is located among a large pool with a capacity of 2500 m3 and the water is intended to irrigate the garden.

The villa first floor includes guest room, kitchen, wc and bathroom, public living room and terrace and also the second floor includes two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a private living room and terrace.

The project site conditions (hot and dry climate and placement of the building between the water) caused a major concern for designers, while providing comfort conditions in the desert, creating a significant association with the Persian architecture.

Due to the placement of the villa between the water, entering into the building became important. All the bridges and the east frontage, is designed to emphasize on the process of entering and creating a new definition of the patio. On the west side, to avoid getting too much sunshine, making the pool visible and using of lights reflecting from water into the interiors, height of windows is limited to one meter.


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