Hezaro Yek Shahr

Hezaro Yek Shahr (1,001 Cities) is Iran’s largest and most modern tourist destination under construction in District 22 of Tehran at the west end of Hemmat Highway. Built upon the vision to create a world-class experience, Hezaro Yek Shahr features Iran’s first theme park, Iran’s largest shopping mall, 3 hotels, office towers and hotel apartments, an Islamic studies center, an art center, and an indoor, year-round water park. It is the most ambitious project of Ezam Construction Investment Company.

  • Shahre Gheseh Theme Park

Shahre Gheseh Theme Park is under construction on 38 hectares of land with 45 rides and 28 attractions developed into seven zones: Creation Courtyard, History Plaza, Silk Road, Adventure World, Land of Myths, Future Zone and City of Toys. Shahre Gheseh Theme park is designed by Canadian firm, Forrec Ltd., which has designed Universal Studios’ theme parks around the world.

Using gardens, stories and traditional handicrafts, Shahre Gheseh Theme Park will offer family entertainment and amusement that will encourage a greater familiarity and appreciation of Iran’s past, present and future. The activities, motifs and recurring themes within the park will be inspired by the Persian story-telling tradition. 

  • Shahrzad Mall

Shahrzad Mall is located on 35 hectares of land with 380,000 sqm of GLA, and will be constructed and operated in three phases and on four levels.  The Mall is designed by Woods Bagot, an Australian global design and consulting firm, around a central courtyard, and contains seven blocks connected by seven atriums.

Shahrzad Mall will be the largest shopping mall in Iran, and will be developed as part of Hezaro Yek Shahr, a world-class tourist destination comprising of 9 other sub-projects including Iran’s first theme park. 

  • Absharan Water Park

Absharan Water Park with 18000 sqm infrastructure will be built on a land with 2.2 hectares. Designed for men and women to use the facility separately, and with its all 20 rides provided by Canadian firm White Water, Hezaro Yek Shahr’s water park will set a new standard for the entire region.

  • Office Towers and Hotel Apartments

These towers will be constructed on 20,000 m2 of land with 22 floors, 211000 sqm infrastructure, GLA area of 103000 sqm and 1,875 parking spaces, and provide modern residential and commercial space. It provides an ideal office location for brands operating in Shahrzad Shopping Mall, Middle Eastern headquarters for international firms and as convenient apartments for global executives.

  • Hotels

5 Star Hotel

A range of full-service hotels to satisfy all of people’s accommodation needs.

A luxury way to play! Located on the edge of the 139 hectare Hezaro Yek Shahr site, this 200 room, five star hotel overlooks the entire destination and is the ideal location to plan the adventures and enjoy the dreams.

4 Star Hotel

Perfect for the business traveler, our four star hotel features 250 rooms, full conference facilities and is located in the heart of the Hezaro Yek Shahr complex.

3 Star Hotel

A 300 room, family-oriented three star hotel, with easy access to all of Hezaro Yek Shahr’s attractions. 

  • Other Sites Of Interest

​Entertainment Street

A charming transition, and the main link between the Shahre Gheseh Theme Park and Shahrzad Shopping Mall, Entertainment Street will host cultural events, promotions and international celebrations.

Islamic Studies Center

A retreat for theologians and students, the Center aims to strengthen social relationships by providing a comfortable setting for religious conferences and cultural family gatherings.

Art Center

Similar to Christie's art auction in Dubai, the art center in Hezaro Yek Shahr will be the first place in Iran designed specifically for the auctioning of local and international works. It will also provide a new modern space for a variety of art galleries and fairs.




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