Agora Garden Tower, Taipei

  • Agora Garden Tower is a luxurious Eco-design residential complex under construction in XinYin District, Taipei City, Taiwan. In November 2010, Vincent Callebaut Architectures SARL was awarded as the successful tenderer for the construction of the tower. This vertical structure is inspired by the double helix structure of the DNA.  Agora Garden with a surface area of 42.335.34 m² and 20 floors includes 40 luxurious apartments + facilities. The apartments will have 540 square meters and each will have its own green wall and there are no columns inside them, but the connection is made through two spiral mega-columns. Balconies on each floor will be filled with plants, vegetable gardens and fruit trees that will enable residents to grow their own food.


  • The rainwater is captured and used for the gardens, the energy consumption will be reduced through solar panels, the large gardens will increase the biodiversity and oxygen in the area and the natural resources and waste will be also managed, so that nothing will be lost but all will be reused through a very carefully planned eco-philosophy.



  • "Different from the modern city built of concrete, glass and steel, the Agora Garden tower appears in an urban center as a green twisted mountain," says the architect.
  • The project will be completed in 2016.


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