Ava Center

Ava Shopping Center is located in Aqdasiyeh, Tehran. The complex in a land with 2560 square meters area and a total floor area of 32,500 square meters is designed by the famous architect Reza Daneshmir. The center consists of 17 floors, including 6 basement and 10 floors on the ground floor. From -6 to -3 Floor there are parking and storage for users, -2 to +1 floors are for retails, +2 to +7 for parking, +8 is for culture and +9 and +10 floors are for restaurants. In total, Ava Center complex includes 70 retail stores in 4,000 square meters, 1,700 square meters of cultural space, 1205 square meters including four restaurants, 819 square meters including 74 commercial storage units and about 440 parking spaces.

One of the most important features of the complex is its unique design of integrated concrete structure of the roof and oblique columns, which is implemented for the first time in Iran.

The construction started in 2012 and was completed in 2018.


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