Beijing's International Airport, By Zaha Hadid, China

Beijing’s new international airport, in China, will serve the world’s fastest growing aviation sector. The airport will enable further connections between Beijing and cultural, economic and civic centers around the globe.
Beijing International Airport, the world’s largest airport passenger terminal, is designed by famous architect; Zaha Hadid. The first phase of the airport will open in 2019 with four runways capable of accommodating up to 45 million passengers per year. The second phase of the project will continue to be developed, with capacity due to be expanded to 72 million passengers by 2025. 

The 700,000m2 terminal building and 80,000m2 ground transportation center have been designed to be extremely user-focused, efficient and adaptable for future growth. Rather than walking along one long corridor to transfer between flights, the radial design allows to walk a shorter distance to the center of the airport, then cut across the central atrium to the next destination. 
When entire development is completed in 2040, the total capacity is expected to be capable of accommodating up to 100 million passengers annually.


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