Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, LA

Funded and named after the famous filmmaker George Lucas ("Star Wars” creator), Lucas museum will resemble the otherworldly form of a spaceship. The museum is designed by renowned architect Ma Yansong and currently is under construction in Los Angeles’s Exposition Park. Rising four stories, the 115-ft. tall building will house some 300,000 square feet of floor area containing feature expansive galleries, state-of-the-art cinematic theaters, numerous dedicated spaces for learning and engagement, new public green space, restaurants, retail, and an event space. 





The building’s interior has been designed as an expansive, open cave, flooded with natural light from skylights above. At least $400 million worth of art will be housed in the museum, including over 10,000 paintings, illustrations and movie memorabilia. The first floor and roof will be designated as public areas for visitors to exercise, relax, and “directly experience nature in the urban environment."





The Lucas museum, however, won't just house multimillion-dollar works of traditional art. In an attempt to broaden the definition of museum-worthy art, the roughly 100,000-square-foot gallery space will feature movies, illustrations, and comic art. The landscaping surrounding the museum, which totals 11 acres of former parking lots, will be a family-friendly space for festivals and outdoor film screenings, among other activities. Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is scheduled to open in 2023.






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