Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater, China

The Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater is located in an excellent geographical location and scenic resources. The project covers an area of 31,889 square meters and has a total building area of 44,141.9 square meters. The complex comprises a 1,400-seat theater and a 500-seat multipurpose hall, connected by a shared lobby. The shared lobby integrates the entrance foyer, lounge, and exhibition hall, extending horizontally from the entrance platform to the lakeside, embracing the beautiful southern lake views with a flowing and bright space. The grand theater features a flexible and undulating form that dances with the city and Golden Sands Lake.    








In addition to the performance spaces required for the theater, the second, third, and fourth floors in the logistical area are equipped with training classrooms that can be independently opened to the public. By incorporating these diverse, round-the-clock functions within the theater, they complement the theater's performing functions, making the Grand Theater a lively space 24 hours a day. It becomes a place filled with public and everyday significance, enriching the city's landscape.








The perforated facade of the Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater is composed of over 5,000 triangular elements of varying sizes, creating a texture that blends solid and void. The theater exhibits a free-spirited, flexible, and full-bodied form, elegantly standing by the shores of Golden Sands Lake. The perforated architectural skin creates a continuous open gray space between the exterior and the internal functions, casting delightful moments of light and shadow at different times.








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