City Wave, Milan

BIG has begun construction on its CityWave building. The CityWave building features a 12-story and 22-story office buildings called East and West, joined by a curved roof that will cover a large public space. Both towers will be clad with photovoltaic panels, making the project one of the largest urban photovoltaic parks in Italy. BIG hopes to complete work on CityWave in 2025.








Within the buildings, there will be 63,000 square meters of leasable office and retail space. The West building will include a conference center at ground level with a near-300-seat auditorium as well as three secondary halls, and a restaurant and sky bar at the top. The East building will have a similar arrangement of space, but incorporate an atrium and winter garden across the ground and first floors. Both buildings will feature internal courtyards that increase access to natural light and air.








The hanging roof will extend to more than 200 meters in length, with around 11,000 square meters of panels capable of producing an estimated 1,200-megawatt hours of power a year. BIG believes it may be the largest urban integrated solar canopy in Europe. As well as providing solar power, the structure will enable rainwater collection. The building is designed to consume 45% less energy than standard office spaces.






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