West Kowloon Terminus, Hong Kong

Construction has reached the roof level in Zaha Hadid Architect’s development above Hong Kong High-Speed Rail West Kowloon Terminus. The West Kowloon Station high-speed rail terminus is an essential gateway between Hong Kong and mainland China. Boasting a unique location within one of the world’s most dynamic city centers, the project seeks to open up new public spaces by connecting to the surrounding environment and offering civic, office, and retail spaces.





Providing almost 100,000 sqft of garden terraces, plazas, and atriums with shopping and dining on its lower five levels, the development includes two pairs of interconnected office towers at the northern and southern ends. The towers, divided into interconnected “petals” of varying orientations and heights, create a dynamic silhouette on West Kowloon’s skyline. The towers lean inward at lower levels, lowering their footprint to increase outdoor space and encourage pedestrian circulation. Each tower boasts vertical shading pleats on the facades that extend over each rooftop to shelter roof terraces and sky gardens. 




The design seeks to maximize outdoor public space and enhance natural ventilation, respecting the ridgeline of Kowwloon’s mountains to the north. This maintains the mountain views across the harbor on Hong Kong Island. Photovoltaic panels integrated into the façade and roof level lower the amount of energy drawn from the city's electrical system. The design boasts a central facility featuring heat recovery, seawater cooling, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and an intelligent building management system.








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