ZGC International Innovation Center, China

Architecture studio MAD has unveiled ZGC International Innovation Center in Beijing. The center, designed specifically as the permanent venue for the annual ZGC Forum (an international conference on innovation and technology), spans a total floor area of approximately 65,000 square meters and features a 17,000 square meter green roof. The centre's biomorphic, clover-like form features a cantilevered roof characterized by soft, fluid shapes. The form floats overhead, providing shade from the sun, shelter from the elements, and a space for social interaction, enhancing the connection between people and the architecture.









MAD's design respects a 12-meter height limit, with the building gently spreading from north to south, blending into the surrounding environment. The roof is made from concrete and 2,769 honeycomb aluminium panels coated in fluorocarbon, with lighting placed under louvres to create a rippled pattern. These panels cover the structure and facilitate rainwater collection. Event areas, including the main venue, a banquet hall and a multifunctional hall, are all situated on the ground floor, with meeting rooms and VIP lounges below in the basement.









The ZGC International Innovation Center features two giant ETFE membrane skylights, allowing natural light to flood the venue, and enhancing the user's experience of space and light. The simplicity of the interior aims to create user-friendly spaces that enhance social interaction and promote engagement. To illuminate ZGC International Innovation Center's basement, MAD created a sunken courtyard.













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