5.5 Million dollars Floating Home, Miami

Arkup's ambitious concept for a floating home has indeed been built in Miami. This luxurious home costs 5.5 million US dollars. The Arkup #1, as it's officially called, is a 22.9 m-long two-story ultra-luxury houseboat comprising 404 sq. m of floor space. It was designed by Dutch architecture firm Waterstudio.NL. 







Its most interesting feature compared to other floating homes we've seen is its hydraulic stilts. These can be deployed to a depth of 6 m to stabilize the dwelling or lift it above the water line to avoid waves and reduce hull maintenance. The firm also says that it's rated to withstand Category 4 Hurricane winds of up to 250 km/h.









The Arkup #1 features an open-plan ground floor layout with lounge, dining area, kitchen, and a bathroom. Upstairs, there are a total of four bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. There's a lot of other tech installed in the Arkup #1, including a 36 kW solar panel array and up to 1,000 kWh battery bank that Arkup says is sufficient to power it off-the-grid. Rainwater is collected from the roof and purified for drinking, and a bunch of communication systems are used for the internet, TV and radio.






Arkup #1 is World’s First Electric Livable Yacht. Arkup plans to build three more in 2020. The firm is also looking into the possibility of developing eco-resorts in the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.









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