De Rotterdam / OMA

De Rotterdam is a mixed-use complex located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The complex is designed by OMA Architects and is also conceived as a ‘vertical city’.

The three towers reach 150m high, with a gross floor area of approximately 162,000 sqm, making De Rotterdam the largest building in the Netherlands. OMA's architectural concept produces more than sheer size: urban density and diversity - both in the program and the form - are the guiding principles of the project.

The three stacked and interconnected towers with 44 floors accommodating offices with 72000 sqm area / 240 apartments with 34500 sqm area / a hotel with 278 rooms, conference facilities and restaurants with 19000 sqm area / shops and retails with 1000 sqm area / 31000 sqm parking spaces / and cafes and leisure with 4500 sqm area.

The project was started in December 2009 and completed in November 2013.

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