Project Description

With a land area of 1,200 square meters, infrastructure of 11,000 Square meters and nine floors (3 above ground and 5 under) Zaferaniyeh Plaza commercial complex includes 41 commercial units (ground level to the second floor), 2 commercial units and hypermarket (-1st floor), 2 coffeshops (1st floor), and 210 parking spaces for owners and visitors (-1st to -5th floor). This plaza is under construction in Tehran’s Zaferaniyeh neighborhood with the goal of creating an ideal complex for business and a decent place for shopping or leisure.


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  • Zaferaniyeh Plaza
  • Zaferaniyeh Plaza
  • Zaferaniyeh Plaza
  • Zaferaniyeh Plaza
  • Zaferaniyeh Plaza
  • Zaferaniyeh Plaza


Because of the surrounding streets, this complex has an immediate access to the main streets of this area:

  • Access to the famous Elahiye area through Fallahi Street and Vali-e-asr Avenue in south east.
  • Access to Saadabad and Niavaran areas in north and northeast, through Taheri Street.
  • Access to Velenjak area in north, through Fallahi Street.

The Establishment of the complex in such a location and its proximity to the main streets of the area will facilitate access to the complex for its visitors. In addition, being located in a very decent residential area and its proximity to recreational, cultural and educational centers such as Tochal resort, Saad Abad Palace, University and etc.make this project a unique one.


  • Land Area: 11000 m2
  • Floors: 9
  • Unit per typical floor: 12-15
  • Unit's Area: 27-120 m2
  • No. of Coffeshops: 2
  • Parking Spaces: 210
  • Structure Type: Steel structure - Bolts
  • Cladding Type: Composite
  • Unit's Height: 4m
  • Located on a busy intersection
  • Easy access through the main street
  • Having an appropriate added value
  • Decent visitor parking space
  • Variety of sizes for business units
  • Proximity to cultural, educational and recreational centers such as Tochal resort, Azad University (Marine science branch) and Saad Abad palace
  • Located in an affluent area with residential towers and buildings
  • Located in an area with good climate and beautiful view
  • Implementing structure systems according to standards


  • The frame of the building is made of metal and bolts considering standards and valid regulations
  • High resistance against natural disasters
  • High resistance against fire by using fire resistant coating for the frame


In this project’s architecture, it’s been tried to achieve a modern and dynamic atmosphere.
There has been a special emphasis on the following principals in the design and architecture of the complex:

  • Using up-to-date architectural achievements in order to enhance the quality of business and communication areas in harmony with the urban texture and the culture of the area
  • Use of modern construction materials, all compatible with environment, for floors, ceilings and walls
  • Use of advanced LED lighting systems and circling lights that add more beauty to the complex
  • Use of fountains, waterfalls and other decorations in order to enhance the visual and acoustics attractions, and as a promotional element in the interior of the complex
  • Restaurants and coffee shops overlooking the natural landscapes of Saad Abad palace and the foothills of Alborz
  • Providing visual communication between the interior and the exterior of the complex


  • Monitoring systems on all floors for high security
  • Use of advanced fire control systems with addressing ability for every unit in the complex
  • Use of BMS systems in order to save energy
  • Use of emergency power systems for public spaces’ lighting and UPS system
  • Advanced and intelligent elevators and escalators
  • Advanced air conditioning systems
  • Air ventilation systems in the parking lot

Floor Plans

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