Project Description

With a land area of 674 square meters, infrastructure of 6000 square meters and 11 floors (6 above ground floor and 4 under),Arash commercial complex includes 1 commercial unit (265 square meters) and 12 office units (150,160 square meters) and 64 parking spaces for owners and visitors.


Tel: (+98 21) 26 20 55 20

Fax:(+98 21) 26 20 55 19



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Arash commercial/office complex is located in tehran’s 3rd area, in Arash street on Africa Blvrd. The project’s Easy and immediate access through moddares highway located on the east side of Arash Street and through Niyayesh highway and Vali-e-asr Street on the west side has added an ideal and exceptional quality to the complex.


  • Proximity to Moddaress highway and Africa Blvrd.   
  • Easy access through Moddaress highway, Niyayesh highway, Vali-e-asr street and Africa Blvrd.
  • Convenient parking spaces on Arash Blvrd and a Number of 64 parking space in complex’s     parking lot for visitors.
  • Beautiful and elegant architecture  in the entrance
  • Desireable office units because of a unique architecture and using high quality materials in the interior design of each unit.
  • Convention hall, Management office, and security guard room
  • Beautiful enclosure and water fountain
  • Ideal investment and trade opportunities



Arash Complex has a steel structure with fitting bolts that are used according to the latest international standards. This building will be ready by the end of year 1392.


A Classic and elegant architecture, use of  geometric shapes in the entrance and using bright colors in the building’s façade, creates a  beautiful and eye-catching combination for the viewers . Expansive space of the units, using new materials in the interior design and units’ height of 3.7 meters, are all features that make this complex a special and attractive project.


  • Heating and cooling systems, Central engine house, chiller and fan coils
  • Fire alarm and fire control systems
  • Independent gas and water meters
  • Central Exhaust system
  • Intelligenet central engine house system 
  • Air curtain system
  • water storage system
  • Urban ego system
  • Emergency power
  • Central Antenna and satellite, weirless internet
  • CCTV System
  • Lightning protection
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