Project Description

Armitaj Golshan commercial & Administrative Tower with 4100 square meters land area, infrastructure of 55000 square meters and 34 floors (28 above the ground and 5 under), includes 130 office units (60 ~ 700 square meters), 330 commercial unit (15 ~ 230 square meters) and 500 parking spaces.This complex is under construction in Hafte Tir Blvd, Mashhad.


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General Specification

  • This project started out with two main goals and aims in mind :

1. To create a sense of ownership in an urban space 
2. User centered design and for this concept three main ideas were used :
a. Personal unique ideas 
b. Natural biomorphic forms 
c. Ideal and luxury services and facilities 

  • The commercial complex with an estimated area of 20000 sqm, is constructed from -1 floor to the third floor of the tower. The three following specifications of the commercial complex distinguish the project from the rest: 

1. The unique architecture form of the complex.
2. The project is the first commercial-administrative complex in the west side of Mashhad. 
3. The synergy of administrative and commercial usage in a way that the daily traffic of the administrative tower, which is estimated to be a couple of thousands, will be potential customers to the commercial complex. 




Among many unique specifications of the project, we can mention the ability of the project for creating a sense of ownership and institutionalizing a brand. 

Voids, escalators, huge lifts and also panoramic lifts help with the vertical movement in the tower.  

A food court in the third floor, a reception hall and a hyper market in the -1 floor will make the movement much stronger and more attractive.

The food court including 10 food units, each 70 sqm, is designed in a way that can cover both the commercial and administrative complexes.

The overpass in Haft Tir blvd., with direct access to the second floor of the tower, has made it much easier to access the tower and can be considered as the fourth entrance of the tower, making the second floor unique.

The overpass in addition to its function, with its unique design shows the ability and proficiency of its builders and will be considered as an urban landmark.

The 12-meter wide connecting pass of the project is not just an overpass for the pedestrians but an element making the area much more attractive with a sitting area, a fountain, an exhibition area and also special elements with special lighting.

A separate area, measuring 200 sqm, located on the ground floor of the tower has been designed and constructed as the reception and lobby of the administrative tower with an independent entrance from Haft Tir blvd.

The presence of private and governmental bank branches in this center surly makes banking affairs much easier 6 lifts, two of which are panoramic and two staircases going from the parking areas all the way up to the VIP and other administrative floors provide access to every floor.


The architecture of Armitaj Golshan tower, with using a pioneer form, is a reference for the power of technologic, the proficiency of builders, securing urban identity and texture and also a glimpse of the future of the architecture of Mashhad, creating a lasting image for citizens. The 34-story tower, located on Haft Tir blvd., on the corner of Golshan St., will be the tallest administrative and commercial tower in Mashhad, with a height of 140. The position and location of the project in urban routes, Haft Tir and Vakil Abad, will make the tower to show as an urban icon.

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