Kaveh House Renovation, Tehran

“Kaveh House” is a renovation project which is designed by Pargar Architecture & Design Studio. This project is an example of preserving valuable buildings in Tehran. 20-years old existing 3-stories house including one basement and 2 living floors, suffered from dim and dark living areas, and old facilities and materials, both interior and exterior. The renovation project which is designed by Behzad Heidari and Shirin Samadian, includes structural and mechanical system repairs and extending by adding the third floor as a private flat. 





The main concept of design was inserting light and color inside the building and this was achieved by a skylight above a void as the core of the house. Other living areas arranged around this core; first floor hosts public activity areas while the private rooms and related service areas located in the second floor, and third floor flat cuddled the skylight as a private yard. 








House interaction with green space was another design concept. 2-layered south facade provides balconies in the second floor to be used by private rooms and a public porch to integrate the yard and living areas located on the first floor. Roof garden expands the green space through the built area. Setting back about 2 meters from facade line allowed us to provide daylight and green space for the basement which is allocated to fitness facilities, parking and service areas.





Facade design and materials indicate the Iranian traditional architecture with some differences in detail to make it compatible with today’s life. Brickwork in North Facade was designed to shape the curved form of entrance, by a closer look you see glass openings come along the bricks which remind the water flowing in the sand to create a sense of local nature.







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