Taipei Pop Music Center, Taiwan

The Taipei Pop Music Center, located in Taipei, Taiwan, is designed by Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture PC. The center consists of several mixed-use spaces woven together into a dynamic, multi-purpose venue that reflects and supports the evolving culture of pop music. Three monumental elements; the Main Hall, Hall of Fame, and Outdoor Amphitheater, making it a powerful representation of Taiwan’s pop music industry worldwide.





As the centerpiece of the TPMC, the Main Hall is a dynamic architectural firm located on the northern site. It features a 5000-seat indoor auditorium and a tower dedicated to the pop music industry. In fact, this hall is a cultural center bringing the entire music community, together under one roof. A pedestrian walkway bridges the Main Hall to the heart of the complex. On the southern site, the bridge terminates in a grand staircase, opening to an outdoor performance courtyard with a standing capacity of 3,000.





The Hall of Fame is the place for the celebration and display of pop music and includes four floors of main exhibition space, digital media center, a café, administrative offices, research facilities, a 300-seat lecture hall, and the Sky View Lounge. Lining the street adjacent to the Hall of Fame, live houses provide smaller performance venues and a vibrant street front that is integrally connected to the street life of Taipei. 




The form of the Outdoor Amphitheater is a hybrid of circus and city, and with the addition of a mobile stage, The Robot Theater. The design can adapt to a spectrum of event scales, public uses and mass events. The four positions of the Robot Theater allow for multiple event scales, accommodating a range of audiences from 16,000 people to smaller shows operating simultaneously or with other functions.




The main hall is well underway, and when it is completed, it will be the first of the three Pop Center buildings to finish.






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