Mist Hot Spring Hotel, China

Designed by Department of Architecture, The MIST Hot Spring Hotel is located near Xuchang city in Henan province. This region of China has been considered the nation’s most famous hot spring destination for over a thousand years. The inspiration came from the beauty of the hot spring steam itself. 







As the heated water is brought up, mist floats above the water surface. With 37100 sqm total area the building masses, the passageways, and the waterscape are strategically integrated with natural steam from hot-spring pools and some additional mechanized fog that would surround the overall atmosphere and experience. White mist floating just above the water surface not only creates dreamy ambiance but also provides a certain level of privacy for guests.









Here, colour is used as a three-dimensional architectural element, not as finishing material, to create not only unique visual but also space.  







The role of art installations in the project is not decorative. They are inseparably integrated with the architecture, to enhance its spatial character, to respond to its functions, and to stimulate guests' sensory experiences. For the lobby and bar, an installation made of hundreds of layers of clear and color crystals is inspired by a spectrum of light passing through hot steam which can be viewed differently depending on the position of the viewers. In the restaurant, an installation inspired by the silver-lining silhouette of steam defines seating and kitchen zones.













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