Edge Observation Deck, NYC's New Attraction

Edge at Hudson Yards, designed by KPF, is an observation deck that cantilevers over 24 meters out from the 100th floor of the “30 Hudson Yards” and hovers 345 meters above the city streets below. The 395-meters-tall “30 Hudson Yards” is the second tallest office building in New York City and serves as the headquarters for global media and entertainment company Warner Media, as well as its subsidiaries, HBO, CNN, and Warner Brothers. The 100th floor at 30 Hudson Yards is also home to the $25 billion shopping mall which is the main access point to Edge. 





According to its architects, Edge is the highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere and the fifth-highest one in the world. Edge invites visitors to walk out into the sky and embrace unobstructed, panoramic views of New York City. Guests access the observation deck by first taking a 60-second elevator ride then they will step out onto the 697-square-meters outdoor viewing area where they can test their might by stepping out onto the glass floor. 







Seventy-nine frameless glass panels form the balustrade so as not to obstruct the view that includes the Hudson River, Central Park, the Empire State Buildings and the Statue of Liberty. The glass barrier is also angled outwards so that visitors can lean on it and enjoy a view. The glasses are as clear as you would see people floating on this platform because you don’t really see the glass at all. In total, it weighs 346,998 kilograms. The deck’s stone floor can support roughly 800 visitors at once. The Edge is open to the public from March 2020.













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