Palazzo Italia, Milan

A biodynamic cement for Palazzo Italia, designed by Nemesi & Partners, is an innovative solution developed by Italcementi for the symbolic heart of the Italian Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015. The Italian Pavilion (Palazzo Italia) rising 35 meters from the foot to the top of the front wall is a tangle of branch-like concrete elements, constructed using environmentally active titanium-oxide mortar, which gives the Pavilion a post-modern look reminiscent of an urban forest.







The 9,000 m3 facade is a dazzling white, made all the more intense through the addition of a fine Carrara marble powder to the mix. Italy's Styl-Comp, the fabricator of complex concrete elements, manufactured more than 700 facing panels using a special, high-performance cement-based mortar offering high flexural strength. The sustainable mortar comprised of 80 percent recycled materials.  The so-called “ Biodynamic Cement” features patented TX Active Technology allowing the organically latticed outer wall to filter the air, converting pollutants into inert salts. This helps reduce smog in the heavily traveled streets of Milan. 











The building hosts exhibition areas, offices, institutional and event spaces. The exhibition path runs through the entire building, accompanying visitors to gradually discover its different angles and textures. The visitor will pass through all four levels of the exhibition area, to reach the rooftop terrace, and come back down to the central square through a new and different path. The Palazzo Italia is the winning project of “The Excellence Award 2016” which is presented by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) for excellence in concrete innovation and technology. It is also winner of the 34th Cycle of WA Award in 2020.






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