The MyZeil Shopping Mall

The MyZeil Shopping Mall opened in 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany. The sculptural glass facade creates impressive and dynamic spaces with a unique environment for a common activity.   The 77,000 square meter structure includes shops, leisure spaces, kids area, restaurants, fitness center and parking. This beautiful architecture absorbed 120,000 visitors just in opening day and achieved 2 million visitors in first two weeks.

The Myzeil’s facade is conceived as a river that has different depths reaching into the Earth which contains 3,200 triangular glass. The building is spread over 6 floors, the shopping area from level -1 to the third floor, while from the fourth floor, which serves as a square and meeting place, there are the fitness area and restaurants .This project is designed by Studio Fuksas  in Germany in 2002 and completed in 2009.





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