S.Pellegrino Flagship Factory, Italy

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have been revealed as the winners of a competition to design a new headquarters and bottling plant for San Pellegrino, located in Italy. The competition brief asked architects to renovate and expand the historic home of the company, the world’s leading sparkling mineral water company, with a “truly innovative and technologically advanced design” aimed at integrating into the natural aesthetic of the surrounding terrain while responding to the iconic identity of the brand. It is reported that the 17,000sqm complex is expected to cost $95 million.











According to the architects, the proposal "is an authentic extension of the rational and functional architecture of the existing factory from 1899, and homage to the classic elements of Italian architecture and urbanism: the arcade, the viale, the piazza and the portico create an architectural environment where production and consumption, nature and architecture, outside and inside are integrated to elevate the experience for visitors as well as S.Pellegrino staff. The design is evolved around a well-known architectural element: the arch. "Arc" is the most materially efficient and structurally elegant way to span across large spaces for production, exhibitions, and events. 









At the center of the campus, a giant landmark rises in the form of an artistic interpretation including the different strata of rock and water. It will visualize the 30-year journey that the mineral water must travel through to acquire the minerals and achieve the purity that is unique to San Pellegrino. Framed by the river valley and mountains on either side, employees and visitors will feel immersed in nature from all directions. The project is currently under construction.















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