Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet), Denmark

'Den Blå Planet' is one of Denmark's main attractions and the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe. Inspired by the shape of water in endless motion, Denmark’s National Aquarium is shaped like a gigantic whirlpool, clearly visible for travelers arriving by plane at the nearby Copenhagen Airport. The 97,000 square foot aquarium focuses on all aquatic life – from cold and warm waters, fresh and salt. In total, The Blue Planet contains app. 7 million liters of water and 53 aquariums and displays.








The façade is covered in more than 33,000 small diamond-shaped aluminum plates, which adapt to the building’s organic form and - like water - mirrors the colors and light of the sky, giving the building an ever-changing expression. The building connects land and sea, drawing both the great outdoors and visitors inside. In the landscape, the great whirlpool continues through the terrain, the pools and the sea surrounding the building. Like watery currents, the building is not static – the movement continues into the future by virtue of always allowing possible extensions to add more, simply by letting the lines of the whirlpool grow further out.












Each of the five arms which form the spiral, houses a specific functional area. While the first arm accommodates a long arrival ramp and the entrance hall, and the second houses an auditorium, an educational facility, and a cafeteria; the remaining three contain the permanent exhibition and accommodate, respectively, the sections dedicated to seas & oceans, to rivers & lakes, and to Danish cold waters. The five arms curl around a central foyer from which the public can access the exhibitions independently from one another.









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