Fuse Valley; Portuguese Silicon Valley

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has unveiled designs for a 178,000 sqm art-filled site for tech companies called ‘fuse valley’. Already dubbed by many as ‘the Portuguese Silicon Valley’, the project is conceived as a community village that will occupy a hillside site 7km from the center of Porto in Portugal. The project is scheduled to break ground by early 2023, and will open its doors in 2025.






Rather than a corporate office complex, Fuse Valley will be a lively urban ensemble bringing every curator, creator, customer and collaborator together in the most innovative new neighborhood of the city. The urban fabric will allow Fuse Valley to grow and expand organically, like a natural village.




Fuse valley is composed of 24 buildings home to various tech companies, startups and services. The design prioritizes creating a sense of community and forging connection to the outdoors with plazas, parks, courtyards, terraces, and landscaped roofs.




For the interiors, the project team prioritizes a biophilic environment to increase productivity and wellbeing in addition to varied spatial experiences tailored to each specific program, stimulating human exchange and innovation.



A covered central passage, or ‘urban alley’, slices through the site from east to west, street to river. Public functions such as lobbies, an auditorium and commercial spaces will be located at ground level along this central promenade as well as the riverfront.









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