Cloud Center, China

MAD Architects has unveiled their design for the Aranya “Cloud Center” in China. Situated close to the scenic Beidaihe coastline, the building is designed to appear as a “floating cloud by the sea”. Upon completion, the scheme will offer a new multi-purpose public space for Aranya -- one of China’s most vibrant seaside arts and culture communities. Construction of the Cloud Center began in March 2021. The entire project is expected to be completed and opened in 2022.







When viewed from a distance, the building appears as a “cloud floating in the forest” with a polished, reflective form activated by the changing light, sky, and landscape. The building’s perceived “cloud” form is made possible through a series of monumental structural overhangs, with the largest reaching 30 meters in length. The “cloud’s” massing is balanced and suspended from the building’s central core which provides support for the entire structure and makes its column-free interior space possible.





The building’s primary internal space, the multi-purpose room, extends skyward through a swirling ceiling. Above the spaces, a series of skylights allows ample natural light into the interior to enhance the building’s energy efficiency. The building’s open spaces and movable walls offer a high degree of spatial flexibility to meet the needs of exhibitions, theatrical performances, conferences, and a variety of other functions.







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